How It Works

What is Runnur?

Runnur is a web application that provides local businesses with a trusted network of couriers (runnurs) whose business is to assist you in running yours! Whether it is document delivery and retrieval, an errand, service of legal process, notary public, or administrative support, runnurs are ready to assist!

Sign up, request a run, and sit back and let a runnur do your heavy lifting! What will you do with the extra time and money?

How do I use Runnur?

It’s easy! After you’ve signed up, open the Runnur web app on your desktop, tablet, or mobile phone. Simply log in, select the run of your choice, and have your run completed!

Where is Runnur available?

Runnur is currently operating in Jackson, MS and surrounding areas. Think we should come to your city next? Let us hear from you!

How can I become a Runnur?

You’re going to love the flexibility of working on your own terms! You can go straight to the application page here or find more information here.

How does this benefit my business?

We connect professionals with trusted locals who can support them in or around the office. By outsourcing the small jobs as they come up, you can save money on support staff, all while staying focused on your mission. Our network of on-demand Runnurs is easy to tap into, ensuring that the jobs you need to complete will get done quickly.

How does this benefit runnurs?

Our web app (website) gives Runnurs the flexibility of self-employment, whether you’re interested in working full-time to build a career or part-time to earn extra cash in your spare time. The professionals within our network span the legal, medical and business fields, helping to open doors in fields that may interest you.

Where is the Runnur app?

Great question! We are a startup just getting off the ground, and with continued support from our great customers, we will soon have an app available for your mobile device!

What types of organizations does Runnur partner with?

Though we will partner with anyone our service will help, many of our businesses include Law firms, Courthouses, Hospitals, Outpatient Clinics, Accounting Firms, Therapy Providers, Medical Administrative Providers, Tax Companies, Architects, Contractors, and Realtors.

What types of jobs might a Runnur be entrusted with?

A few of the services we offer are Service of legal process, such as parcel delivery services; Reception or secretarial support; Personal errands, such as dry cleaning pickups or grub runs.

How can I refer friends to Runnur?

Feel free to like and share our Facebook page, follow us on LinkedIn (and share it of course!), follow our Twitter profile, and follow us on Instagram. Sharing, retweeting, and word of mouth are all things that massively help us, which in turn helps you! As we grow, our features and abilities will grow with us. Welcome aboard!

How can I contact you?

The easiest way is to email us at and we will reply as soon as we can! You are also welcome to reach out on Facebook, though we can guarantee a response better via email.

Why are you asking for my card?


Your card is the way to ensure our runnurs get paid, and we keep our servers running and improvements coming to ensure we can continue to serve you!


We don't send paper checks to pay runnurs (like you) for their work, as there is a far easier method: direct deposit! Instead of needing your bank account details, our platform can use your debit card to pay the funds directly to you. This allows for much faster payouts, and a more secure platform.

Do you pay per hour, or per assignment?

Our system is setup to where you will be paid automatically when each run is completed, so this would be "per assignment."